Meet the Team

profile_Eric Eric Anderson – Producer
As a third year CS Game Design senior at University of California – Santa Cruz, Eric is the producer for Immunogen. Aside from managing game production, Eric is in charge of developing the soft-body physics engine and optimizing game performance.
profile_Max Maximillian Laumeister – Designer and Artist
Maximillian Laumeister is a fourth year Computer Science: Computer Game Design major at University of California, Santa Cruz. He wrote the original concept for Immunogen, and is responsible for the in-game music and most of the game’s visual design. Some of his side projects include and the “MusicalWolfe” channel.
profile_Ryan Ryan Vacek – Developer
Ryan Vacek is a fourth year CS: Game Design major at University of California Santa Cruz. As lead developer, Ryan develops and manages most systems in Immunogen, primarily AI, collision and event handling, gameplay mechanic implementation, and menu systems.
profile_Gabriel Gabriel Martinez – Level Designer
A fourth year CS Game Design senior at UC Santa Cruz, Gabriel is the lead level designer for Team Immunogen. In addition to primarily designing levels, Gabriel is also in charge of other odd jobs such as playtesting, fine tuning player movement and adding particle systems to the game.