Maximillian Laumeister


Hi, my name is Maximillian and I develop software and websites. Below is a summary of my education, skills, and previous projects. To see my newest projects, check out my project pages. To get in contact, send me a message!

Maximillian Laumeister

Software Development

Web Development

Game Design

Experience with object-oriented programming techniques, coupled with substantial web development and design backgrounds. Capable of strong and efficient written communication.


University of California: Santa Cruz (2010-2014)
  • BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design, highest honors
  • Minor in Bioinformatics
  • Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society

Programming Skills

Technologies HTML5/CSS/Javascript, jQuery/AJAX, C/C++, C#, Unity, Java, Python, GameMaker/GML.
Tools Git/GitHub, SVN, Apache, Grunt, JSDoc, Eclipse, Visual Studio, WordPress, Dropbox.
Platforms Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix, Android, iOS.

Design Skills

Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Gimp, and Inkscape.
Video Production Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
Audio Production FL Studio and Audacity.

Jobs and Projects

BitListen - HTML/CSS/JS

BitListen (2013 - present)
  • Bitcoin transactions with sound
  • Real-time data via Websocket
  • Featured on NPR (National Public Radio)
  • Highlighted on The Verge
  • 127,000 unique visitors
  • 29 forks and 80 stars on GitHub
  • Code forked into “Listen to Wikipedia”
My Role:
  • All code and design by me, plus some features added through pull requests

Immunogen - Unity/C#

Immunogen (2014)
  • 2D physics game in Unity
  • Team of 4 students
  • Winner: Technical Innovation (UCSC 2014)
  • Finalist: Visual Design and Grand Prize
My Role:
  • Created game concept and mechanics
  • Implemented game mechanics in C#
  • Created all art and composed all music
  • Created game trailer

UCSC Class Search - Android

UCSC Class Search
UCSC Class Search (2014)
  • Native Android app
  • Lets UCSC students search for classes
My Role:
  • Designed app including all activities
  • Wrote asynchronous netcode, including HTML parsing routine
  • Wrote UI functions
  • Designed all art and interface elements

Treofab - HTML/CSS/JS

Treofab Product Editor (2014)
  • Apply 3D clip art to a plastic product
  • Purchase the product
  • Get it 3D printed and shipped to you
My Role:
  • Contract programmer for Treofab, Inc.
  • Wrote WebGL code using the Three.js library
  • Implemented mouse controls using raytracing
  • Implemented undo/redo stack, delete, change variant, and other interface elements

OpenGlobe - HTML/CSS/JS

OpenGlobe Learning (2014)
  • Interactive learning platform for K-12 students
  • Students watch videos and complete activities
  • Product is in an early conceptual stage
My Role:
  • Contract programmer for OpenGlobe Learning
  • Implemented interactive activities in HTML5/CSS/JS
  • Created intro animation in After Effects

Hex109 - C++

Hex109 (2013)
  • Written in C++ for command line
  • Plays the strategy board game “Game of Hex”
  • Includes Monte Carlo AI
My Role:
  • Designed and wrote entire program

Puff - GameMaker

Puff (2012)
  • PC/Mac Game
  • Minimalist vector graphics
  • Mouse controls
  • Finalist: Audio Award (UCSC 2012)
My Role:
  • Created game concept
  • Implemented game mechanics in GML
  • Created all art and composed all music
  • Created game trailer

Automatune - HTML/CSS/JS

Automatune (2014)
  • HTML5 procedural music editor
  • Simplified, accessible interface
  • Create music with no coding knowledge

Did you know?

  • I write answers to programming questions on Stack Overflow. I’ve written over 300 answers so far, and gained over 10,000 reputation points.
  • In 2011 I ran a Minecraft YouTube channel that got 9 million views, and I was invited to the official Minecraft convention.
  • I write music for virtual orchestra in my spare time.


To get in touch, shoot me an email at I’d love to hear about what you’re working on, and discuss what I can bring to the table.