Maximillian Laumeister
Illustration of Miku the bird-fox conducting an orchestra


I create virtual orchestrated music (and chiptunes!) Some of it is original, and some of it is arrangements of old video game songs. I also used to make Minecraft Note Block Songs. I go by the artist name MusicalWolfe.

For a glimpse into my creative process, see this commentary where I explain how I adapted one musical motif to express different times of day:

I Wrote One Song For Each Part Of The Day

If you like my music, please consider supporting me by subscribing on YouTube and purchasing my Bandcamp albums. Bandcamp is the only place you will find both high-quality MP3s and lossless-quality (FLAC, WAV, AIFF)’s of my music.

Also check out my custom mechanical music box arrangements.

Additional Music

Music Status Updates