Maximillian Laumeister

My PGP Key

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a piece of software that enables confidential, authenticated email communications. It’s also notoriously user-unfriendly. If you are not a technically adept cryptography enthusiast, please disregard this page and contact me normally.

If you are curious and technically minded, please feel free to read this refresher on PGP, then read on.

I am a big advocate of the right to absolute privacy in communications, which is why as a hobbyist I maintain this PGP encryption key that can be used to communicate with me confidentially.

Keep in mind that I use this key casually as an enthusiast, so while I practice standard key hygiene, I do not manage my keys in such a way that would provide substantial security against a state-level adversary or an adversary with physical access.

This is my key fingerprint for

790B 1CFE E7D4 57D7 F33E  F0B9 7B8C 6295 C1BE 6ABE

If your client supports automatic key discovery via Web Key Discovery (WKD), then it should automagically discover and download this key over the internet when you go to add keys for

If not: manually download PGP key for