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Jekyll theme for self-hosted video https://git.io/vrLh6

Screenshot of OwnVideo

Host Your Own Video

OwnVideo is a free Jekyll theme that lets you Host Your Own Video! In the OwnVideo theme, every Jekyll “post” is a video, and like most video sharing sites, each video has its own “watch” page that puts that video front-and-center. I created OwnVideo because I was dissatisfied with the way YouTube was treating my videos.


  • Full-fledged video “watch” pages with multiple video qualities, share buttons, and optional integrated Disqus comments
  • Custom playlist and custom thumbnail support
  • Automatic video conversion using FFmpeg (via included Python script) for full browser video compatibility
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Host your video files on a separate domain - for example, your site can be hosted on GitHub pages, but serve its video files from Amazon S3.
  • Automatic creation of Structured Data and OpenGraph tags, so your videos look great in search engine results
  • Uses the Jekyll static site templating system, so no backend (server-side) code is required Demo

Check out my site MusicalWolfe.com to see an instance of OwnVideo running with some of my videos.

Tech Stack

The OwnVideo Jekyll theme is written using HTML/CSS/JS and the Liquid templating engine, and uses a Python script for video transcoding. It is available on GitHub under the MIT license.