Maximillian Laumeister

Ethereum Estate Vault

Tokenized Ethereum vaults with dead-man's switch

Screenshot of Ethereum Estate Vault

Protect Your Ethereum Assets

Ethereum Estate Vault is a tokenized dead-man’s-switch vault for Ether, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, written using the Truffle and OpenZeppelin frameworks. It allows you to bequeath Ether, DAI, God’s Unchained Cards, Cryptokitties, ENS Names, and any other tokens to a beneficiary after you are no longer capable of checking in regularly with the central smart contract.

Each vault is itself an ERC-721 token, so you can view it on block explorers, and you can transfer ownership of the vault and all tokens inside by using the standard “send” function of your wallet.

The next planned feature for Ethereum Estate Vault is to completely tokenize owner and beneficiary privileges of vaults, such that those rights can be transferred easily by using any standards-compliant Ethereum wallet.

Tech Stack

Ethereum Estate Vault is written in Solidity, using Truffle and Ganache as a development environment. It’s designed to run on Ethereum, or an Ethereum-compatible blockchain.