Maximillian Laumeister
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ProtonMail Sieve Email Filter for Tagging Forwarded Gmail

If you have an old Gmail address, and a new ProtonMail email address, and you are forwarding all your email from Gmail to ProtonMail, this Sieve filter is for you.

It tags messages that were automatically forwarded to ProtonMail from a Gmail address that you own.

if header :contains "X-Forwarded-For" "" {
    fileinto "Gmail Forwarded";

To install it:

  1. Go to Settings in ProtonMail, then Filters, then click “Add New Sieve Filter” and paste it in. Edit the code to contain your own Gmail address, then edit the fileinto directive to reflect the tag name that you want to show up next to messages in ProtonMail.

  2. Go into the “Tags” section of ProtonMail Settings, and create a tag that’s named identically to what you put in your fileinto directive.

That’s it!

(originally published Mar 27, 2018)