Marble Drop On Line Manual



Scoring for MARBLE DROP is quite basic:


Points are earned each time a component is used by a marble. The number of points earned depends on the component. For example, passing through a diverter yields 50 points, marbles being transported earn 100 points for the jaunt.


500 points are awarded for every marble that makes it into the correct exit bin.


When the puzzle has been completed, a large bonus, between 100 and 5,000 points, is awarded. The amount depends on how many marbles were used to solve the puzzle.

Important: When you are done viewing your scores and are ready to proceed to the next puzzle, click the CONTINUE button located in the bottom right corner. The High Score Page may be accessed through the pull-down menu.


The “Score Breakdown,” which appears automatically when a puzzle is completed, gives scores in the following categories:


Components Used: This is the number of components you actually used to solve the puzzle.


# Of Marbles Purchased: The game begins with seven marbles of each color. Once these are used up you may “buy” marbles in order to complete the puzzle. This number indicates the number of marbles you needed to buy to complete the puzzle.


Efficiency Bonus: You earn bonus points by using the least marbles to solve the puzzle. The fewer the marbles used, the higher the bonus.


Puzzle Score: The above scores are tallied to determine your puzzle score, which is the total amount of points you earned for completing the puzzle.


Beginning Score: When you first start a game, your Beginning Score is 0 (zero). After that, it is the cumulative score of all puzzles completed to that point. The Beginning Score and Puzzle Score are tallied together to yield your overall Cumulative Score.


This is the total points it cost to purchase marbles necessary to complete the puzzle. Marbles have different prices:

Colored Marbles: 500 points

Black Marbles: 1500 points

Steel Marbles: 100 points

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