Marble Drop On Line Manual


Black Marbles

I have spent time at alchemy, that realm of science that hopes to change the nature of one to the nature of another. One of the most important stages of alchemy is the black stage, the color from which all colors spring. So it is in the realm of my puzzle machines:

The black marble may be chosen to act as a transforming marble, which takes on, chameleon-like, the color of the marble needed to solve the puzzle. But alchemy is not the noblest of pursuits, and I urge you to consider strategy before magic. The use of the black marble is more of a quasi-strategy and should only be used as a last resort. Stooping will cost you 1500 points. If for some reason you cant seem to figure out a puzzle and are losing too many marbles, purchase a few chameleons and drop those in.

There is one GLARING exception to the chameleon effect: BLACK MARBLES CANNOT FILL THE STEEL MARBLE SLOT IN AN EXIT BIN. (The one case where even alchemy cannot help you.)

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