Marble Drop On Line Manual



or, On the People who Built the Puzzles


Publishing Director: Kevin Gliner

Producer: Lisa Acton

Technical Director: Michael Sandige

Original Concept: Michael Sandige

Game Design: Kevin Gliner, Monty Kerr

Puzzle Design: Monty Kerr, Case Melton

Programming: John Taylor

Additional Programming: Mark Kness

3D Artists: Paul Effinger, John Frantz, Larry Vela

2D Artists: Paul Effinger, Case Melton, Phil Shenk, Larry Vela

Documentation: Jason Henderson, Alex Nedleman

Sound Production: Matt Ridgeway, Ridgeway Sound

QA Lead: Darin Henley

Quality Assurance: Neal Daugherty, Cynthia Engstrom, Leesa Grills, Kelly Kerr, Alex Nedleman, Peter Saylor, Chuck Scott

Voice: Martha Merriell

Special Thanks: Dennis Clark, Jessica Falk, Stacey Falk, Shea Love, Jim Mischel, Paula Sandige

Walnut Creek

Producer: John Csicsery

Product Manager: Julia Hing

Art Director: Sharon Barr

Manual Layout & Design: David Caggiano

Creative Writing Director: Michael Bremer

Technical Support Lead: Scott Locke

Special Thanks: Joe Scirica, Ashley and Felicia, Will “Burr” Wright, Jeff Braun, Sam Poole

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