Marble Drop On Line Manual


Selecting a Puzzle

You must first select the puzzle machine you will solve. At the beginning, you will fall naturally to the first puzzle, but you need not spend your time with this puzzle if you prefer not to do so, for it has forty-nine siblings. The choosing of puzzles is simple:


Open the Game menu, and choose Select Puzzle.


Choose the puzzle you want from the list.

The puzzles are listed in order from easiest to most difficult. In addition, each puzzle has a status icon:


Closed book icon- denotes an untouched puzzle.


Open book icon- denotes a seen but unfinished puzzle.


Feather icon- denotes a completed puzzle (you earned a feather!)


Golden ring icon- denotes a bonus puzzle you have found.

At any time, of course, you may reject and send away the wretched puzzle who dares to torture you-- simply start a new game by pressing your F2 key.

There are 50 puzzles all together, including five Bonus Puzzles for your puzzle-solving enjoyment.

See Scoring and Strategy and Tips sections for scoring help and pointers.

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