Marble Drop On Line Manual



Now, my humble student, you come to me and ask, Master Leonardo, what is this thing called MARBLE DROP? And so I will answer:

In my pursuit of that most elusive of goals, perpetual motion, I have crafted many designs, and have spent much time-- in idle hours, between sketches and commissioned work-- to imagine my perpetual machine finally existent and put to use. And what would we do if we had such a machine? How would our time best be spent, if we had machines that moved without ceasing, and other devices about which today I can only dream? I think we would solve puzzles-- mechanical, perpetual puzzles, which can only be stopped by solving them.

To this end, I have devised a series of increasingly difficult puzzles which, in order to operate, depend upon perpetually-run lifts and other mechanical devices. I have chosen to call this series of puzzles, all together, MARBLE DROP.

Through MARBLE DROP you will be challenged to explore the workings of different mechanical puzzles. You will be asked to drop differently-colored marbles into each puzzle machine, and so try to discover how best to get the correctly-colored marbles to their correct destination. My student, be not unduly self-aggrandizing if you excel early on-- I have designed my puzzles so that the difficulty level of the puzzles ranges from the relatively simple to the remarkably difficult. Along the way, my student, your task will be made all the more difficult by the introduction into the puzzle environment of certain elements I have imagined, such as cannons, cross-bows, and teleportation devices.

Explore, then! Lay on!

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